Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Montessori approach to learning is based on the understanding that learning is a process. In order to develop a child’s physical, intellectual and spiritual being to the fullest children must have the freedom to develop in an environment that has been specifically prepared for the purposes of achieving concentration, exploration and understanding. Teachers observe children’s interests and extend the child’s learning supported by the Montessori philosophy.

Values and Beliefs

Ashburton Montessori Preschool’s philosophy is to prepare children for a life of learning and fulfillment. We view children as competent, confident and independent learners who possess an enquiring and absorbent mind.

The learning environment/programme

We aim to provide children with a safe and stimulating environment that has been prepared with experiences that seek to cultivate a natural love of learning and inquisitiveness. As part of our programme children are encouraged to carry out real life responsibilities as we believe that valuable life skills are learnt when these opportunities are presented.

The environment is designed to allow all children to be active participants in daily routines and learning.

Role of the teacher

Teachers at Ashburton Montessori Preschool acknowledge children’s sensitive periods and use this time to support children’s learning at an optimal level.  The teachers make regular observation of the children in order to recognise when they are ready for a new challenge and then scaffold the child’s learning to the next level.

To ensure the consistent quality of our programme our teachers engage in on-going reflective korero, regular appraisals, professional learning and training. Our teachers are always learning, we value other theories and research and reflect on how these may be incorporated into our Montessori programme.

Bicultural Heritage

Through tikanga me ona Te Reo Māori (Māori custom and language) we give all children the opportunity to develop an understanding of the cultural heritage of both parties of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We acknowledge and reflect the unique place of Māori as Tangata Whenua.

We will ensure that all families have the opportunity to have their culture, beliefs and practices acknowledged and respected.


Our centre aims to maintain high quality relationships and respectful and quality interactions with the child and their whānau as part of what the preschool offers to all children. Whānau are an important and integral part of a child’s learning and development, the input of the child and the whānau are valued and respected and their successes are always acknowledged.